THIS WEEK IN 1991: Police say: lock them up

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A top Portsmouth detective attacked the ‘pathetic’ lack of deterrent sentences handed out to criminals.

Det-Insp Gordon Bye was speaking as the number of house burglaries across northern Portsmouth reached new record levels.

DI Bye said there had already been more than 300 break-ins in the Fratton police sub-division in the first 3 months of 1991.

That compared with 363 house raids for the whole of 1988. There were 831 in 1990.

DI Bye, the head of Fratton CID, said: ‘Unfortunately there is no deterrent sentencing.

‘People are not being locked up. While we have this pathetic attitude to criminals the situation is going to get worse.

‘More people are being arrested. They are being frequently put before the courts, released on bail, and continue to plunder people’s property.

‘When they eventually get to court they are not receiving deterrent sentences.’

DI Bye said 11,000 prisoners were dealt with at Portsmouth police cells in 1990 at a rate of 210 a week – or 30 for every day of the year.