THIS WEEK IN 1991: Supermarkets pay for rogue trolleys

The Coronation all lit up. A passing trolleybus gives it some scale.

NOSTALGIA: When Portsmouth really knew how to push the boat out

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Abandoned supermarket trolleys could have disappeared from the streets of Portsmouth under new legislation aimed at penalising supermarkets which let them roam.

City councillors approved a plan which would enable them to charge stores before they could have the trolleys back.

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, which came into affect in the autumn of 1991, a council officer could seize an abandoned trolley, keep it for six weeks and then sell it, scrap it, or charge the supermarket for returning it.

At this time, the council had nearly 200 rogue trolleys stored in a compound.

Transport committee vice-chairman Councillor Phil Shaddock said: ‘If any supermarket ignores this legislation and wishes to pass the cost on to the customer, the customer will realise and soon shop elsewhere.’