THIS WEEK IN 1996: The most precious present of all

Sarah Mace, 28, left, with her sister Anne, 29
Sarah Mace, 28, left, with her sister Anne, 29
The Coronation all lit up. A passing trolleybus gives it some scale.

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Anne Mace was preparing to make the greatest sacrifice in the hope that her ailing younger sister , Sarah, could live a normal life.

She would go under the surgeon’s knife to give one of her healthy kidneys to Sarah.

Anne, 29, who lived with her parents in Sparsholt Road, Havant, said: ‘I just want to see Sarah live a normal life, to do what I can do without having dialysis twice a week for four hours a time.’

Sarah, 28, said: ‘I was absolutely against it at first.

‘Then I saw others at the unit having transplants and living a normal life.

‘I thought it could be two or three years before a suitable donor came up for me.

‘I have so many ambitions and now Anne is giving me that chance,’ she added.

The possibility of the transplant left their parents, Alan and Patricia, wrestling with a wealth of emotions from pride and hope to bouts of anxiety and fear.

Sarah’s kidney problem was discovered in 1991.

Tests revealed she had a reflux, where the valve from the kidney to the ureter did not work properly.

Her other sister Suzanne – Anne’s twin – suffered a similar kidney problem but was treated as a child.