Tories ‘disappointed’ in plans for Millennium Tower project

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Plans for Portsmouth’s Millennium Tower could have included a rollercoaster under plans which provoked criticism that it was being turned into a funfair. The rollercoaster and two static simulator rides would be enclosed in a building planned at the base of the 500ft tower. 

Proposals being submitted by the commercial consortium which wanted to build and run the tower also wanted to include coffee and patisserie bars, as well as souvenir shops. 

The consortium had already revealed it wanted to include a 360ft free-fall drop ride down the tower as part of the £28m project. It believed the thrill-ride attractions would draw enough visitors to make the project commercially viable. 

Councillor Ian Gibson, Tory group leader on the Labour-run city council, said what was supposed to be an architectural landmark was being turned into a fairground attraction. 

‘I find it very disappointing that after all the hype we are coming down to a Blackpool-type entertainment. 

‘It’s very sad. There was a vision at the beginning and I was excited about that, as were many other people.

‘Now it is going to be just a funfair with a tower built around it.’