Two from the gasworks

The last two locomotives at Hilsea gasworks.
The last two locomotives at Hilsea gasworks.
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I recently wrote about the hidden railways of Portsmouth and mentioned the network at Hilsea gasworks.

Andy Key was lucky enough to receive an invitation into the works on September 25, 1982, to take some last photographs of the place before it was demolished.

Here we see two of the former locomotives that plied their trade around the system.

I remember as a lad wondering how they could have steam engines working in a place with gas. It was always in the air, which you could smell when passing on the train to Havant.

This photograph shows two of the final locomotives on duty in the works.The black loco is Portsmouth’s last resident steam loco, 2100 Peckett 0-6-0 built in 1949.The red diesel loco is 1139 Ruston & Hornsby diesel mechanical delivered in 1961.