UFO above Bedhampton?

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Did anyone see the strange object high in the sky above Bedhampton last Sunday evening at 6.30pm?

I was at Bidbury Mead and looking up into the sky saw a white light. At first I thought it was a Virgin jet. They pass over frequently while stacking for Gatwick.

The light moved gently across the sky and then went north in the Waterlooville direction.

The sun glinted off whatever it was.

It then stopped and did a large u-turn. It was shining like a torch with the sun’s reflection.

It then came back over the top of me in a southerly direction.

It was at a great height and I used full zoom on my camera to take what shots I could.

When I opened them up on the computer, I saw a large ball of white light and nothing like an aircraft.

Did anyone else see this?