Waiting for a proper greeting

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Last week I mentioned two steam locos left rusting and unloved at Warblington.

I have now seen a photograph of trolleybuses rusting in a scrapyard close to Eastern Road in late 1963 and I wonder if anyone remembers where the scrapyard was?

I know there was one on the left hand side of Portsdown Hill Road, Bedhampton, where many dockyard locomotives ended up, but that is not the place I am talking about.

n What is it with waiters/waitresses today? Why can’t they greet cutomsers properly?

There was a time when you were greeted with: ‘Good evening sir/madam. How are you this evening?’

I was dining out with my wife, daughter and son-in-law. The waiter arrived and said: ‘Hello you guys. All right?’

In no uncertain manner I replied: ‘Excuse me, this is my wife, this is my daughter. Neither of them are guys. Right?’

The waiter was poleaxed and looked as if I had insulted him. We didn’t see him for the rest of the evening.

Are waiting staff not trained to a certain standard these days?