Whatever happened to The Swans?

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I wonder if any reader who is into music can help me?

In the year 2000 I took my wife to see David Essex at Portsmouth Guildhall.

The support act was a band call The Swans who hailed from Ireland.

They were absolutely excellent to be honest, and even thanked the audience for listening to them.

It appears that at many theatres patrons used to remain in the bar until the main act came on stage.

This, apparently, didn’t happen in Portsmouth and The Swans played to a full house.

At the end of the show I purchased their CD which was simply called The Swans.

One of the tracks Darling, You’re The Best Thing should have been a hit and would have been had it been played on the radio.

I even sent a copy of it to the late Terry Wogan hoping he would give the song some airplay to support a band from his homeland.

Does anyone know what became of this fine group of musicians?