Who remembers the Fireballs at Hayling Island?

Buddy Holly, 1958.
Buddy Holly, 1958.
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Like myself Trevor Jenkins is also a massive fan of the late great Buddy Holly and has numerous CDs, and vinyl singles and LPs including Holly in the Hills

In the 1960s Trevor and his pals used to go a pub on Hayling Island every Saturday for its Buddy Holly night.

Everyone dressed in grey suits and black glasses, and the resident group was called the Fireballs, a group Buddy recorded with.

Does anyone have any memories of the Fireballs and know what became of them?

Holly in the Hills is a compilation album by Buddy which includes songs featuring his friend Bob Montgomery. It was originally released under ‘Buddy & Bob’. The album was released as an LP in both mono and stereo formats in January 1965. 

It’s hard to believe that it is now 59 years since he died in that plane crash, soon after it took off from Clear Lake, Iowa, on February 3, 1959, heading for another gig in Minnesota. Buddy was just 22 and we can only imagine what he might have gone on to achieve.