Rabbit trail

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YOUNGSTERS are learning about the history of the Royal Navy as a part of new trail.

The Where’s Wilf trail at the Portsmouth History Dockyard are giving children the opportunity to follow Wilf’s paw prints around the National Museum of the Royal Navy.

Wilfred the rabbit lived on board HMS Centurion at the time of the First World War Gallipoli campaign.

Learning and Public Programme Officer Claire Hargreaves said: ‘We have chosen a few artefacts throughout the gallery that will engage children about Gallipoli and give them a chance to talk about it with their parents.’

The idea is that the children will be able to walk round the museum and find the paw prints of Wilf and look at the objects that are on display.

To find Wilf the children are given a sheet of clues so that they will be able to find the objects that lead them to him.

Claire said: ‘We’ve had good feedback so far as it is allowing children to discover more about the Royal Navy.’

The trail is free with a Dockyard ticket.