8 brilliant ways to use up your Christmas leftovers

A feast like Christmas dinner means lots of leftovers. Here’s how you can use them up without just eating the same meal for two or three days in a row.

Thursday, 26th December 2019, 12:50 pm
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A classic solution to using up your Christmas dinner leftovers is to make a festive sandwich - stack up leftover meat, veggies and drizzle with gravy and cranberry sauce to make the ultimate Boxing Day feast
Mush up boiled or steamed carrots, mix with honey, extra virgin olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice and you have yourself a face mask that is perfect for those with normal or oily skin

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Brussels sprouts might not be the most popular thing on our plates, but they're actually incredibly good for us. Whip yourself up a superfood smoothie by blitzing Brussels sprouts, a banana, kale, water and some lemon juice
If you've had your fill of chocolate for the season, use your leftovers to make a body scrub - mix sugar, coconut oil, vanilla and chocolate shavings and use it to exfoliate your skin
For lots of us, the cheese board is an essential part of Christmas Day - use up leftover cheese by making the ultimate mac and cheese and melting your cheese into your sauce. You can chuck in any spare meat or veggies as well
Crumble up leftover Christmas pudding with melted chocolate, brandy, sugar, roll into balls and you'll have yourself perfect little Christmas pudding truffles. Decorate with melted white chocolate
A popular method of using up leftover Christmas dinner goodies is to make soup out of it - whether you have leftover meat, carrots, potatoes or any other veggies, you can make an amazing soup
Mash up leftover potatoes you have, add your chopped up leftover veggies and meat and divide into small cake shapes. Coat your cakes in flour and fry in a pan with oil for about five minutes on either side - breakfast is served