A continuous host of gorgeous golden daffs

Daffodils brighten any garden
Daffodils brighten any garden
Now is the time to get to grips with your strawberry bed.

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Were your daffodils as good as they were when you planted them in 1970? If not, the answer is to buy some new ones.

It is possible to buy varieties of daffodil which will start to flower round about the end of January.

If you buy the variety called January Gold and the variety February Gold, the latter will come into bloom as soon as the January flowers fade.

Other varieties are available to ensure there are daffs right up until April.

Now is the time to put a little by each week so that the garden can be refreshed with daffodils.

This saving will enable us to use the money on bulbs in packs. Why packs?

All the packs have a picture on the front and all the bulbs are the same variety. Just check the heights and, if you are really keen on getting things well organised, look to see if the flowers are early, mid-season or late.

The bulbs in the packs are no more expensive than those sold loose but they will be the right colour, whereas those in huge help-yourself tubs may have become mixed due to some idiot putting bulbs back into the wrong tub.

I see this happening all the time! ‘Oh, not those, this colour looks best, Put them back’ (into the wrong tub).

I am writing about daffodils because sales have fallen and a lot of our garden centres reduced the cost last year.

If this trend continues, the array of varieties will no longer be available.

To enhance a garden it is a good idea to buy a pack of bulbs once a week for several weeks, but plant them all at the same time.

Lovely informal drifts look much more natural than straight lines.

The ground needs to be moist during early November. Choose a lovely day 
and ensure the bulbs are planted so that each has a covering of four to five 
inches of soil over the top.

This ensures a sturdy stem and reduces pest damage by narcissus bulb fly.

If you are thinking about a display in tubs or pots, choose dwarf types.