A passion for New England fashion

A dining set in the New England style.
A dining set in the New England style.
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Fashions come and go in home furnishings as they do in the clothing industry and at any one time there are often several different looks in vogue.

One trend that has really stood the test of time is the New England look, and that’s probably because it is classic and timeless.

New England is an area in the north east corner of the United States, consisting of six states, that was settled by Pilgrims from England in the early 17th century.

Early settlers used natural local products to build furniture and homes that were practical, simple and durable.

Some settlers took antique pieces of furniture with them, so the inclusion of antique furniture in a New England style home doesn’t necessarily look out of place.

The New England look could be described as in-formal elegance incorp-orating a relaxed shabby chic styling.

Typically, floors are wooden planks either natural or whitewashed with paint Walls are white or cream and simply styled, and practical furniture is painted in natural shades like white, cream, stone, putty or taupe.

The colour palette in the New England home, being British influenced, is very akin to our Heritage range of colours and drawn from nature.

These include colours of the sky, sea, sand and countryside and that means stone, blue, grey, green, rust, ochre, cream and white.

These colours tend to be in muted and flat shades. Any boldness of colour will usually come from acc-essories like cushions and throws.

If you look at a Heritage paint chart and compare it with a New England paint chart you’ll find that the colours are very similar.

The look is fairly uncluttered but homeliness is usually created with collections of pictures, family photos, sea shells, and scatter cushions.

The New England look is clean and fresh and influenced by natural products like wood, slate, granite and wicker.

Warmth is often added to rooms with wood panelling or tongue and groove panelling painted white or cream.

Window treatments tend to be very simple. White wooden blinds or shutters are a popular choice.

Fabrics tend to come in natural colours or nautical checks. Crewel work and quilting in soft furnishings is commonplace with this trend.

The New England range of painted furniture incorporates many of the hallmark features of this look.

It offers very simple design, tongue-and-groove panelling, a muted palette of colours from white to grey and a flat clean finish, which is not glossy or distressed.

More information about the range and how to complete or take inspiration from the look is available at The Interior Trading Co.

· Simone and business partner Jane Patterson run The Interior Trading Co in Marmion Road, Southsea. For further information visit interior-trading.co.uk.