A wasteland transformed – Southsea Green

Now known as Southsea Green.
Now known as Southsea Green.
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Our garden began with a conversation about provenance and a place to belong; about home-grown food and swapping tomatoes for runner beans, or sharing with those who don’t have much.

From a tiny hut selling herbs and flowers, came a community co-op, then a garden where we could grow flowers and veg, maybe even plant an orchard. Veg plots fashioned by 100 hands transformed the wasteland.

Each peach, pear or plum we planted brought boughs of fruit – enough for everyone. Each day brought new life through the garden gates. This old wasteland sparked something. An urban oasis for sun-lovers, dog-walkers, or those taking aunt Flo out in her wheelchair. We sow the seeds of community here. Come and make a mini scarecrow today from 1-3pm. southseagreen.uk