Additional light should be of benefit to plants

Time to plant your maincrop potatoes.

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Some serious deforestation of our neighbour’s shrub has taken place this week in the hope that the resulting space will encourage the plants in the greenhouse to benefit from the additional light.

The lean-to greenhouse has been designed to be placed flush against a wall, but this isn’t convenient in its current location.

So a rather Heath Robinson solution has been employed - it has been cleverly sealed at the back with some thick polythene (less than £5 from a DIY store) and some duck tape.

The greenhouse is now home to the cucumbers that had previously resided on the kitchen windowsill, plus some aubergines and peppers bought from the marvellous Southsea Greenhouse on the seafront.

There are also a couple of trays of salad leaves, and some random excess seedlings of unknown provenance that are doing particularly well (no idea what they will grow into though!).

The combination of the warm weather with a smattering of rain has certainly made the garden a very welcoming and verdant place.

However, the sun must have got to my head because I let my guard down and uncovered an expanse of the beds to allow the vegetables to benefit from the conditions.

This, of course, was seen as an open invitation to all the local felines to dig up the leeks, half-bury some tomatoes and leave a whiffy calling card.

I have covered the beds again and vowed to wear a hat to protect myself from such madness next time it is sunny.