Brian Kidd answers your gardening queries

Let your garlic dry in the sun.
Let your garlic dry in the sun.
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This week Brian tackles what appears to be sickly garlic and an upcycled aquarium.

Q: I’m new to gardening and am worried about the garlic I planted last autumn. The stems are going yellow and some are brown. It is not a lack of water. DM, Copnor

A: There is nothing to worry about, the garlic is ready to harvest. Do not pull out the plants, dig them out, shake off most of the soil and allow the bulbs to dry in the sun underneath a clear covering, then clean them.

Q: I have a large aquarium and am wondering what flowering plants I could grow in it? I gave the fish to a friend as the aquarium leaked. DT, Southsea.

A: For a long spell of flowers plant African violets and streptocarpus. You will be very pleased.

Q: Can you tell me the name of the pretty indoor plant which folds its leaves when touched? N,V Hilsea.

A: It’s mimosa pudica and is easy to grow indoors from seed.

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