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Woodlice - sweep them into the compost bin.
Woodlice - sweep them into the compost bin.

BRIAN KIDD: Want Christmas sparkle in the garden? Try evergreens

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This week’s posers for Brian to solve

Q: I have hundreds of woodlice beneath my aubrietia border. They seem to be eating the brown leaves. How can I get rid of them? GR, Southsea.

A: Sweep them up with a dustpan and brush and put them in your compost bin. They quickly break up everything turning it into wonderful humus.

Q: Will a seedling of daphne Jacqueline Postill be the same as the original plant? HD, Cowplain.

A: Thanks for sending the seedling in a pot. Yes, it will be the same as the original. I have given the seedling to a friend who was trying to find one.

Q: My water lily has taken over our pond. I tried to drag it out of the water but it was far too heavy. SP, Copnor.

A : Kneel down and use an old saw to cut through the roots. Take your time and remove small pieces about the size which will go into a bucket. You will find the roots will be full of mud. Just leave the amount of water lily you would like to keep. Don’t worry about replanting in a basket.

Q: The fruits on the lower trusses of my greenhouse tomatoes are lovely, but higher up the tomatoes are not forming. What can I do? JGP, Havant.

A: Give the tomato plant a good shake every day. This will ensure the pollen falls on to the flowers. If the greenhouse is too hot, this will kill off the pollen grains so shade the plants with sheets of newspaper held in place with clips.


Now the weather has changed mow the lawn in a different direction the next time it needs a cut. This reduces weeds because a lot of them lie flat on the surface when the lawn is always cut in the same direction.

There is still time to move nerine bulbs. When replanting they are best grown in groups with only half-an-inch of space between individual bulbs. They can also be divided and planted in tight groups. This will ensure they still flower this autumn. Leave about a third of the depth of the bulb out of the soil in a sunny place.

Buy a pack of Anemone De Caen. Plant five corms around the edge of a flower pot, five inches in diameter, in John Innes No2. Once the pot is filled with roots and without disturbing the root ball, plant them where you want to enjoy them and you will always be successful in growing anemones.

If you enjoy garlic, try to find some grown in the Isle of Wight. You often see it proudly labelled. This strain grows well on the southern mainland and can be planted during the end of September for early cropping next year.

Did you remember to sow seeds of spring hearting cabbage? If not, do it now.

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