Brian Kidd solves your gardening problems

A very fat pigeon. Picture: Shutterstock.
A very fat pigeon. Picture: Shutterstock.
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Our horticultural hotshot delves into his post bag and inbox. 

Q: I sowed a row of parsley along the edge of a flower border eight weeks ago and they looked marvellous. I thought it was a great idea for a small garden. But overnight the whole lot disappeared, just the stalks were left. What would have done this? It isn’t slugs. MT, Milton.
A: This is done by pigeons early in the morning. It happened to me and I actually saw the pigeons pecking off the leaves as if there was no tomorrow.
Q: I share your liking for cold frames but am finding the glass gets broken, possibly by cats. I was at your favourite nursery recently and saw some flat plastic sheeting. The assistant told me I could cut it to shape with scissors. Is this all right as a substitute for glass? CP, Horndean.
A: It would do the job very well. You can buy cold frames which are sold with this product already installed.
Q: We love growing strawberries on our allotment but find it difficult kneeling to pick them. Is there a method of growing them above the ground? N and J, Fareham.
A: I have given you the website address of a firm which sells exactly what you need. They provide hundreds to commercial growers but also cater for we allotmenteers.