Delighted as green manure has started to germinate

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Liz Bourne and haer family have transformed their small Southsesa back garden into a grow-your-own plot for fruit and vegetables.

I was delighted earlier this week to see that the ‘green manure’ that I had sown, way too late according to the packet, had started to germinate.

Tiny green shoots appeared through the soil, peeping through the wire mesh placed over the ground to prevent the cats from depositing their calling cards.

To the utter (ironic) delight of the children, we still have one brussel sprout plant flourishing in the brassica bed, amongst the pathetic and lacklustre red cabbage, and clutch of uninvited mushrooms of debatable provenance.

And the romanesco continues to yield the odd floret, too small to do anything too elaborate with in the kitchen.

The rest of the garden continues to wait patiently for the early spring when more attention will be lavished upon it. However, the uncovered beds have been particularly attractive to the local cats and I must clear out all the poo and lay down more wire mesh to repel their attentions.

This was a tip a reader sent me and it certainly works. It’s just a bit tricky to implement in rather small areas and across larger areas, not least because the wire mesh roll we have is unwieldy and liable to lacerate your hands whilst unrolling it and cutting it to size.

I have filled up the bird feeders and many blue tits have been visiting. Hopefully they will nest nearby this spring and we can enjoy the sight of baby blue tits again. As long as the sparrowhawk seen lurking in the treetops doesn’t get them first.