Don’t overplay silks and velvets

A plum colour is emphasised in the chair, stool and curtain and cushions.
A plum colour is emphasised in the chair, stool and curtain and cushions.
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I was recently shown pictures of a £400m super yacht that had just been built.

The interior had a ‘no expense spared’ remit, and what should have been beautiful was gaudy and flashy. Everything was over the top and, despite being the most expensive of everything, it looked cheap.

Glamour can, and to my mind should, look refined and subtle and doesn’t necessarily have to cost the earth.

My mum recently felt very disgruntled with her living room and wanted to change everything to make it more glamorous. So we sat down together and looked at the elements of the room.

The floor, walls and sofa are all in neutral colours, a great starting point for a glamorous look. The overhead lighting was ordinary and the floor standing lamps were dated. The scatter cushions on the sofa were tired and the accent tones in the room were red which she had liked at the time.

By replacing the lighting with something softer and by changing the accent furnishing to different shades of neutral, but in silks and velvets, she ended up with an all together lighter, airier look that felt less cluttered and added a bit of luxury.

The secret to glamour is to avoid the bling and to concentrate on style.

Classic pieces of furniture, complimented with some signature pieces like an interesting chair in a bold fabric, or a striking lacquered cabinet, can set the framework, and the rest can be done with lighting, accessories and soft furnishings.

Full-length curtains are really required for a glamorous look but they don’t need to be fussy or over full.

Textures like silk and velvet are a must but don’t need to be overplayed.

Reflective surfaces like metallic, mirrors and glass can all help to add a bit of glamour.

The room set pictured, courtesy of Harlequin, shows fabrics and wallpaper from the Momentum 4 range.

Note the full-length curtains that are simply styled to make best use of the structured fabric pattern which is achieved with silk threads on a cotton and linen base cloth. The design is echoed in the wallpaper which has metallic highlights to create a textured look.

The sofa is simple but elegant in velvet with luxury added in the colour and textures of the scatter cushions.

Note the interesting light fitting and the stylish mirror which is echoed in the silver and glass table.

This scheme uses colour to great effect but the whole could equally be glamorous in neutral tones.