Fantastic front garden is at the cost of my back

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Liz Bourne and her family have transformed their small Southsea back garden into a grow-your-own plot for fruit and vegetables.

I have almost come out of my hibernation now, with the freezing temperatures just a bad dream.

Last weekend I finally got round to properly sorting out the front garden, with the help of my youngest daughter.

A severe pruning was given to the lavender and the raspberry canes and gooseberry bushes were given a similar treatment.

The result is fantastic and I have wasted quite a lot of time just staring out of the window at our handiwork.

Unfortunately, this uncharacteristic burst of energy resulted in a reminder that my back isn’t as enthusiastic as I am. It is now complaining loudly and painfully about its two-hour workout.

In the back garden, the warmer weather has encouraged the broad bean shoots out and this small sign of spring has really lifted my spirits.

I am itching to get sowing and hoeing and genuinely can’t wait to see the garden flourishing with burgeoning shoots and flowers.

I was greeted by a wonderful sight the other morning when I was on my way to the chicken coop.

A large green frog was cheerfully perched on one of the railway sleepers, watching the world go by.

The frog was, in turn, being observed by our friendly robin who postulated on the edge of the compost heap, making sure we all knew who was in charge.

I just hope that the frog has a friend nearby.

It would be great to see lots of frogspawn in the coming months.