GARDENING: Brian Kidd answers your questions

The only herbs grown by Brian: mint, parsley and thyme.
The only herbs grown by Brian: mint, parsley and thyme.
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  Our horticultural hotshot delves into his postbag and inbox to deal with your problems

Q: Why should I remove the tips from my sweet peas? They are nine inches tall and look wonderful. DM, North End.

A: Because the plant throws up a very strong bud at the base and this grows into a fast-growing climbing stem which will produce the flowers.

Q: Is fish, blood and bone the best fertiliser for all vegetables? It's cheaper than branded boxes. DL, Fareham.

A: Yes, it's a very good fertiliser for all kinds of vegetables.

Q: I laugh when you tell us to use one part urine to seven parts water sprinkled on compost. My grandad greeed-up his lawn with urine and water but I don’t know the dilution rate. Do you ? MT, Gosport.

A: Yes, one part urine to 32 parts water. Save enough urine to cover the lawn because if not applied evenly it will be patchy. Some people don’t like me mentioning this but it works well.

Q: You never mention growing herbs. Don’t you like them? FC, Hambledon.

A: We only use mint, thyme and parsley at home. I leave writing about herbs to experts.

Q: My water butt has lots of red worms in the water and they block up the rose on my watering can. How can I get rid of them? WF, Hayling Island

A: Pop in a goldfish. Put it back in the pond after it has eaten the worms, which are mosquito larvae.