Gardening: Take the time to stand and stare | Southsea Green

Many of us will find it bizarre that we are now one full week into June.

Friday, 5th June 2020, 5:47 pm
Updated Friday, 5th June 2020, 6:15 pm
Southsea Green.

Time is a funny thing right now. The garden continues to put on a show, just without its usual audience as the weeks that have brought us here have rolled by.

Despite being locked down, many of us have felt busier than ever. A feeling of things never being done perhaps.

The beauty of the garden though is that it is never done, the journey is always the joy.

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With many of you stepping into gardening for the first time right now my best advice is this – let things be.

Let that bean climb where it wants to, let those carrots grow wonky, let us sit and enjoy whatever space we have, there will always be more to do but a bit of time to pause along the way is more valuable now than ever.