Gardening: Your questions answered by Brian Kidd (Sept 20)

Brian reaches into his inbox to answer some more of your queries.

By Brian Kidd
Sunday, 20th September 2020, 7:00 am
Caterpillars on your cabbages? Picking them off by hand is the best solution.
Caterpillars on your cabbages? Picking them off by hand is the best solution.

Q: I have an old climbing rose called Etoile De Holland. It grows right up the wall but I can’t see the flowers unless I look out of the bedroom window. Can it be trained across the house and if so when can it be done? BM, Widley.

A: Yes, untie the entire plant and lay it across the border so that the side branches can be cut

back to two buds. Retie the main branches along the brickwork and bend down the last two feet so the tips are going towards the ground. Side branches will grow next spring and the flowers will be abundant.

Q: My cabbages are covered with caterpillars, I have been hand picking and squash them. Is

there a safe chemical spray available? NC, Portchester.

A: Hand picking is best but it has to be done every day. Second best is to spray with them with Pyrethrum which is available at garden centres.

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