Grateful for small mercies

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So we were blown about a bit this week, but we entertained ourselves with lashings of tea in the Greens Cafe.

They also served us in their PJs, and let Solent TV film an interview about our Skillshops.

Meanwhile, Norma painted pebbles with the kiddies, despite the rain, on their little terrace.

These simple things were all the more special because of the awful weather and the sad news from Paris.

Not for the fainthearted and not much seed­-planting took place, but we were happy to be cosy in good company with Pudsey fans and some old friends.

However, we still have some fruit trees waiting to be planted before the ground gets too cold and some lovely volunteers who will be in the garden, at least on Thursday morning, if you have something to compost, or can give us a hand planting those trees.

We’re about to buy a fruit press, so if you’ve any spare fruit going to waste pop it down to us. We will make good use of it.

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Keep warm everyone!