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Curzon Velvet from the Mosaic collection.
Curzon Velvet from the Mosaic collection.
A withered poinsettia. This may not be your fault.

BRIAN KIDD: Killing worms and poorly poinsettias

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One of the great things about my job is that I get to deal with products and suppliers whose main criteria is not solely price.

I get so depressed with the endless adverts on television and in magazines by furniture companies selling the discount and the price with no reference to style, quality and design.

We all know that a sofa that was £1,500, now available at a ‘double discount’ price of £699, was never worth £1,500 in the first place and is probably barely worth £699!

Fortunately, at last, the Office of Fair Trading is beginning to clamp down on this nonsense.

I have a lot of respect for the likes of Ikea who honestly price their products.

The Billy bookcase at £35 is great value; we know it’s not going to turn up on the Antiques Roadshow in 100 years’ time but we do know that it’s been honestly priced and honestly sold.

I also have enormous respect for some of the companies we have the privilege of dealing with, who put design and quality at the forefront of everything they do; they are not only leading the way in home furnishings in this country but are ambassadors for British design around the world.

Companies like Designers Guild, Osborne & Little, Colefax & Fowler, Sanderson and Zoffany are global brands which we should be proud of; they are the home furnishings equivalent of BMW and Volkswagen.

On their home page Zoffany set out their stall: ‘From its exclusive beginnings supplying historic wall coverings for private commissions to its current standing as an internationally renowned fabric and wallpaper house, Zoffany retains its commitment to the principles of quality, elegance and heritage.’

Zoffany also encourages future talent by sponsoring the CAMAC Design Awards.

The annual competition builds links between colleges and their design students and professionals working in the creative sector.

Designed to sit within the curriculum and to inspire individuality and experimentation, the 
commercially-orientated brief for 2013 challenges surface design students to think about the function and importance of archives in the design process.

If you’re not familiar with Zoffany check out their website

The images show Curzon Velvet on the chesterfield; a beautiful upholstery velvet available in 24 colours.

The wallpaper behind the sofa and stool image comes from the Mosaic wallpaper collection; a range of beautiful textured papers in mineral shades.
Simone runs the Interior Trading Co,