Greener options for your home’s floors

Ariel wool carpet from the Arcott range.
Ariel wool carpet from the Arcott range.
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Some types of flooring are more eco than others, but do you know which ones?

The most environmentally friendly option is obviously using the flooring you already have.

Do you have concealed original floorboards or parquet flooring that can be sanded and varnished or painted?

In old houses, there are sometimes hidden gems like original stone or tiled floors.

They may need a little TLC, but they make a great feature.

If you don’t have flooring you can restore, the next best thing is buying reclaimed period flooring from eBay or an architectural salvage yard.

Although reclaimed flooring sometimes costs more than new, it is reusing at its best.

If you’d prefer a new wooden floor, bamboo is an eco choice, despite the fact that it’s mainly grown in Asia.

While it’s similar to hardwood in many ways, bamboo has one big advantage – the plant takes just three to five years to reach maturity, a lot less than a typical tree.

When shopping for any new wooden flooring, look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo, which shows that the wood has been sustainably sourced .

One of the most environmentally friendly types of flooring is a wool carpet – making a wool carpet uses only about 10 per cent of the energy used to produce a nylon one.