Grey sets the tone for a cool season

Aura and Leonata fabrics from Black Edition
Aura and Leonata fabrics from Black Edition
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Grey is the new black’ is not quite true in home furnishings, but it certainly is the new beige.

What a ridiculous sentence I hear you say, but it is true that grey has become the new and preferred neutral tone on the block.

I have written about grey before but I wanted to take a closer look at why this innocuous colour has become so popular, and I think it must be because it is so versatile.

Grey will support most other colours, or it can be used in monotone shades for a cool sophisticated look.

It’s a great neutral that allows other, more attention seeking colours, to truly zing.

It’s a colour that, of itself, is subdued but, add a lime or a burnt orange or a powder blue, then magic seems to happen.

For years the neutral revolution made us feel that we had lost the ability to

see colour; the world was beige.

But now, paradoxically, with a grey base, the world of colour is returning.

If you’re not ready for a world of colour, then grey can be used to great effect in a monotone scheme.

Pastel greys with pale wood furniture like beech, ash and oak give a stylish Scandinavian look, whereas darker greys with black or dark brown furniture can give a sophisticated, elegant look.

Remember, however, in a monotone scheme, texture is all important.

If you’re looking to create the Scandinavian look, your textures will want to be more organic like linen and wool, whereas for a chic glamorous look think silk, velvet and even fabrics with metallic threads.

A grey sofa in a room is a classic choice and a good starting point for any scheme.

If your preferred accent colour this year is chartreuse then this is easily changed to another accent colour the next year or further down the line if your taste has changed.

The pictures are from Black Edition (Romo’s new brand launched this year) and show how powerful colours can look when mixed with grey.

The sofa shows Aura, a textured semi plain mix of grey and marine blue.

The beautiful luscious curtain fabric behind the sofa is Leonata, a stunning grey silk stripe that features a velvet detail.

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