How to create a shed load of extra space

A room in the garden.
A room in the garden.
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Garden sheds don’t have the most inspirational image: somewhere to dump unwanted DIY materials, unwashed garden tools and unused outdoor furniture.

But it’s time for an image overhaul, because with a bit of work and imagination, sheds can be a perfect solution to lack of space inside your home.

As long as a garden shed is easily accessible from the house and (preferably) has electricity, a water supply and insulation, there is no reason it can’t be used as an extension of your normal rooms.

Because it’s separate from the main house, it has the added bonus of being an ideal place to do quiet (or noisy) activities, with many people opting to turn a shed into a workroom/studio, music or games room, home office, gym, or playroom/den.

Fitting out your shed with everything required to make it usable and comfortable won’t necessarily be cheap, but it will undoubtedly be cheaper than moving home.

You can convert an existing shed, or buy one tailored to your needs, complete with all mod-cons.

Specialist companies produce off-the-shelf and bespoke designs, including much more contemporary garden buildings than traditional-looking ones, with everything included for a fully functioning room.

While you may not have the budget for a garden room, which can cost thousands of pounds, a bog-standard shed is much more affordable.