Huge thanks to our helpers from outside

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Two teams of great British workers rolled up their sleeves and came out to help in the garden.

Last week a team from Boeing arrived and gently shooed the bees away.

This meant they were able to cut the long, long hedge. Now we can find our way down the garden path again.

This week, a team from the University of Portsmouth and some of our regulars, transformed the polytunnel and the portable building.

We even had time to love up the trees in the community orchard.

This kind of help is what keeps us all going, so a huge smiley thank you to everyone.

You made such a difference.

Our own little claymaker Zara is running workshops in the garden on Thursdays and some Sundays.

If you need something to do with the little ones during the holidays or you’ve always wanted to have a play, give Zara a call on 07816 480 206

Better still, if you’d like to volunteer, why not pop into the garden any Tuesday or Thursday from 11am until 1pm or on Sundays between 1pm and 3pm or pay us an ether visit at