I’m searching the house for window sill space

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So spring is in the air, is it? There has been snow in Scotland, frost on my car in Portsmouth and no doubt swarms of locusts somewhere else in the world.

So what am I supposed to do about my growing seedlings? Since planting them a short while ago they have turned into sturdy shoots.

The courgettes have all come up and are now around four inches tall, the sweetcorn plants are a bit taller still and the spinach and leeks are rapidly outgrowing their seed tray.

But if I transplant them to larger receptacles then I need to put them somewhere and there is only so much space my window sills can offer.

The weather is too inconsistent to be able to even consider putting them outside and I’m yet to solve my greenhouse dilemma.

The plastic greenhouse that served me well last year has suffered as a result of the snow and rain that plagued us over winter.

I’m planning to find a cheap, but more permanent, lean-to greenhouse to place against a sunny wall in the garden, but time and money is required, both of which are in short supply.

Also, we are still awaiting news from the tree surgeon who has been organising the paperwork to get the enormous sycamore and the unwieldy shrub cut back.

I’m loath to do too much outside until this no-doubt disruptive work is done.

In the meantime, I shall just search the house for more window sill space.