It’s time to transform that tatty woodwork

Brush up on some home decorating.
Brush up on some home decorating.
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The new year inspires people to want to sort things out, and sorting things in the home is no exception.

If you are worried your rooms are looking a little tired, for example, one easy resolution would be to give them a new lick of paint.

But don’t just think about repainting the walls, repainting interior woodwork can be equally as transformative.

Until recently, white solvent-based paint was used on most woodwork in people’s homes, but this will discolour over time – sometimes in a matter of months.

You may not realise how cream or yellow the woodwork is until you apply fresh white paint and compare.

As well as this discolouring, solvent-based wood paints have other disadvantages. They often dry slowly, especially at this time of year.

They can also release fumes, are prone to runs and drips (although non-drip versions are available) and are hard to clean off your skin, clothes and carpets.

Admittedly, these solvent-based wood paints have improved in recent years, but water-based ones are better.

These dry quickly and although you have to do quite a few coats, especially on bare wood, the paint goes on more easily than solvent-based alternatives.

As well as specific water-based wood (and metal) paints, you can get also buy multi-surface ones.

They can be used on walls and ceilings as well as wood and metal.