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SOUTHSEA GREEN: Trees going begging... come and get 'em

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Things to do in your garden in the coming days

Water early potatoes with Maxicrop Complete liquid fertiliser. Allow three weeks before gently removing some soil from the ridges. You’ll see little potatoes. Pull off a few leaving the plant to grow on. If the soil is dry start watering as soon as the potatoes come into flower and you will increase the size of the crop.

Stop ants climbing trees with a band of grease around the trunk.

Trim the edges of the lawn every time you mow.

Each time you add four inches of mowings to the compost add either 2oz of sulphate of ammonia or one part urine to seven parts water.

Take out side shoots on tomatoes and shake the plants at lunchtime to allow pollen to fall on the flowers. This will encourage the fruits. Give them a drink of calcium nitrate to prevent blossom end rot. Put a ring of ant powder around the stems to stop woodlice climbing to eat the fruits.

Take the tops out of chrysanthemums growing as spray blooms