Key trends shape next few months

The Poetica range from Harlequin.
The Poetica range from Harlequin.
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SOUTHSEA GREEN: Planning for the new season

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Now until Christmas is the busiest time in the furniture and home furnishings calendar.

The trends for the next quarter will be more of what we have had throughout the year which, to my mind, falls into three main areas – shabby chic, mid- century and glamour, with one trend rolling into the next one quite easily and many people opting for a combination of all three.

Shabby chic incorporates the trend for up-
cycling – taking old things and giving them a new lease of life.

Kirsty Allsop has been very instrumental in this trend, through her television programme encouraging people to revive what they’ve got, or to buy in junk shops and car boot sales and bring their purchases back to life.

This is a very green option and sits comfortably with a lot of people.

Painting old chests of drawers, re-upholstering old chairs and working on ways to breathe life into pieces of furniture, which might otherwise have been thrown out, is a rewarding and creative way to make your home.

This trend has coincided with the resurgence of interest in mid-century furniture and styling and has 
resulted in prices for second hand pieces soaring.

‘Mid-century’ refers to the styling of the period in the middle of the 20th century. Some say from 1933 to 1965 but, in fact, the term is used a little more broadly than that.

This is the period of Ercol and G Plan who are now both enjoying a revival of interest in their furniture.

The G Plan Sixty Six sofa, part of G Plan’s current Vintage range, is so named because it was originally launched in 1966.

The mid-century styling is characterised by simple clean lines, and so it is easy to see how this current trend rolled on comfortably from the Scandinavian minimalist trend that gripped us for the previous ten years.

Mid-century styling works well with a muted or bold colour scheme.

Some people opt for bold prints and patterns, particularly in wallpaper, with designers like Orla Kiely whose 70s influences are quite clear, being a popular choice.

Others choose a more muted monotone palette which evolves easily into the glamorous ‘boutique hotel’ chic trend.

The global chic, glamorous fashion trend also lends itself to shabby chic influences and we can expect to see more of this next year.

The photoshoots for the new Poetica range from Harlequin are all in a shabby chic setting with weathered floorboards, old furniture pieces (painted or whitewashed) and old chairs, re-upholstered in beautiful fabrics.

I predict we’ll see more of this in 2014.

Many interior designers are predicting a resurgence of gold and brass accessories in 2014 with brighter colours also gaining in popularity.

While monochrome colour schemes will retain their popularity, I think we will see bolder richer accent colours creeping in.

Simone runs the Interior Trading Co in Southsea,