Look out for flint, storm and alpine

The Quartz Collection from Zoffany.
The Quartz Collection from Zoffany.
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SOUTHSEA GREEN: Planning for the new season

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Have you ever wondered how fashion and interior furnishing trends emerge and how come they seem to mirror each other so closely?

How come the fashion colours used by Harlequin fabrics and wallpapers might be so similar to Next or East?

Well one of the major influences comes from the organisation behind Global Colour Research in London.

GCR hold biannual sessions bringing together top experts from all over the globe from different industries.

Trends that are being observed and shared at these events are done two years in advance.

It’s all about future thinking, discussing certain influences, bringing in their own insights, 
collaborating and at the end, defining the trends; every kind of environmental, economic or psychological issue might lead into a new trend.

They then publish reports that the fashion and home industries use as a forward guide.

GCR identified the trends for autumn/winter 2013 as flint, storm, clash and alpine, which briefly can be interpreted as follows in the home market.

The flint trend relates to primitive aesthetics, organic and handmade themes.

This translates to the emergence of greys and mineral colours and the increasing desire for stone walls and floors.

‘Natural’, ‘organic’ and ‘cool’ would all be adjectives describing this trend.

The storm trend relates to exactly that; the subconscious response to changing weather patterns.

So the colour pallet is stormy skies and violent seas, shades of blue from grey to purple and greens from grey to turquoise with orange and red flashes.

The clash trend we can see in the revival of retrospective 60s and 70s trends – clashing colours and patterns with devil-may-care mixing up of old and new; antiques mixed with plastic chairs and so on.

It’s a letting go of the tight conventions of colour and structure.

The alpine trend relates to all things organic; outdoors comes indoors, earthy tones, natural wood and simple styling.

Bearing in mind these trends were suggested two years ago it is amazing to see how they really have manifested themselves in to today’s fashions.

The image from Scion (left) comes from its Melinki range. We see the clash and alpine influences.

The image from Zoffany shows fabrics and wallpapers from their Quartz collection; here we see the flint and storm influences both in the colours and textures on display.

Global Colour Research identify the trends for spring/summer 2014 as phase, ping, veil and burst. I have no idea what these trends mean but all will become clear. 
Simone runs the Interior Trading Co in Southsea,