Looking forward to a hearty supply of garlic

SOUTHSEA GREEN: Happy seventh birthday

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The soil has been prepared with several bagfuls of well-rotted horse manure dug into the beds.

The paperwork has been submitted for our large sycamore to get a long overdue trimming.

And last but not least, the pond has been constructed.

Our broad bean shoots are now a good couple of inches tall and the cats have managed to find the only available piece of bare earth available to deposit their waste.

I will put down some additional netting in these small areas to prevent this occurring again.

Broad beans are a particularly good crop to plant.

This is not just because they are delicious lightly cooked with garlic, lemon and served with pasta and a grating of parmesan (yum!).

But also because they add nitrogen to the soil. This weekend I will be planting another row of them to ensure a good supply for a longer period of time.

It is a good time to sow parsnips too. Although I do like them, they are not a staple food in our house so will leave them for this year.

Instead, I would love to have a hearty supply of garlic for the kitchen and now is the time to plant it.

I haven’t been successful in the past, but I am determined to get it right this time.

It seems like such a cost-effective thing to do – taking a bulb of garlic, breaking it up into its cloves, planting each one and making a whole new bulb from each of them.