My neglected bushes are showing signs of life

Now is the time to get to grips with your strawberry bed.

BRIAN KIDD: Strawberry fields forever – but renew them every three years

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As I walked out of my front door the other morning, I was overwhelmed with a sense of smugness.

My seeds were happily sitting on the window sills and horse manure was busy mulching my raised beds.

Garlic was gleefully doing its thing in an old butler sink and our friendly frog had made another surprise appearance at the kitchen door.

But my smug face came a cropper when I glanced down into the front garden and noticed, amongst the general detritus that had been blown in from the streets and the cigarettes carelessly dropped in there by my neighbours, our Christmas tree still sitting there, two months on from the festive period.

Maybe I wasn’t doing so well after all.

However there was a small moment of joy when I noticed our three blueberry bushes. There they were, among old plant pots and seed trays, all showing signs of life!

Small green buds were clearly visible.

Initially I was worried that I should have pruned them back in November – yet another job that I had meant to do but forgotten about.

But having looked at some books, I’ve learned that blueberry bushes are pretty resilient and don’t require much pruning, especially in the first two or three years of life.

If I had wanted to tidy it up a bit then I would have had to give it some attention while it was still dormant.

But, thankfully, I think that I should still be able to enjoy some blueberries later on this year.