My new seedling paper pot press is brilliant

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Liz Bourne and her family have transformed their small Southsea back garden into a grow-your-own plot for fruit and vegetables. She shares the ups and down of trying to live the Good Life

January is a funny old month. I feel that something new and exciting might be happening, but it’s too darn cold and dark to do anything about it.

I’m itching to get planting seeds again, but I have to accept it’s not quite the right time to do it.

Ordering seeds seems like the sensible thing to do, but I’m not sure if I’m that, well, sensible.

I’m told that it’s a good time to force rhubarb, but I always think that this sounds horribly harsh, even though I don’t actually know what it means. And I don’t like rhubarb anyway.

One thing I’m happy to do is try out my new seedling paper pot press.

I received it as a gift for Christmas and it’s brilliant! Using strips of old copies of The News, I can use the wooden press to mould my own seedling pots ready for use.

The instructions assure me that when the seeds are watered, the paper pots won’t disintegrate because the paper walls are several layers thick and are particularly hardy.

The pots will help the compost remain moist, since they won’t dry out when watered, and as a bonus they will biodegrade when transplanted into the garden.

I happily spent half-an-hour experimenting with the seedling pot press with different pages of The News to see what looked best – sports pages or the TV listings, news stories or columnists?

Maybe I should use this page - now that really would be the ultimate in recycling.