My own piece of paradise

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My garden nestles in the heart of Southsea, a tiny patch of personal paradise, just a yard to other people’s eyes I expect.

It doesn’t boast a lush, green lawn, nor have any tall, majestic trees whispering their ancient tales in the breeze.

But my little garden is supporting our precious planet.

Your critical eye may be drawn to the rickety wooden shelving unit which stands under the jasmine bush. But to my more important visitors, the bees, this is an exclusive hotel with a driveway of lavender bushes, a roof garden full of nutritious thyme and easy­ access crocuses (to make light work for these little miracles) and only a short flying distance to the revered honeysuckle!

You may also find the ivy too wild and unkempt for your liking, but for my honey bees it is the place to be for their crucial, autumnal gathering of pollen and nectar.

And if you love the bees pop into Cumberland House Museum where they have a whole hive of bees that fly in and out through a hole in the wall.

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