New designs from retro dream team

G Plan Vintage designs.
G Plan Vintage designs.

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I’m not one of those women that gets excited about shoes and fashion, but I must confess to being a bit of a furniture and home furnishings geek!

So, recent developments at G Plan have really interested me and got me excited for our industry.

G Plan has the distinction of being one of the UK’s oldest furniture companies.

It dates back to 1898 when Ebenezer Gomme (great name), an enterprising furniture maker, established his first factory.

Ebenezer’s grandson, Donald Gomme (you couldn’t make it up), followed in his footsteps and, from 1953, continued making furniture under the G Plan name.

In the early days G Plan was at the cutting edge of design, creating some of the most iconic furniture of the 20th century, but in latter years the designs had become a bit more mainstream.

That is until 2013 when they got involved with Hemingway Design and G Plan Vintage was born.

Hemingway Design was founded by Wayne and Geraldine Hemingway in 1981 and is famous for focusing on affordable and social design with a core philosophy of aiming to ‘improve things that matter in life’.

They have 30 years’ experience in fashion, footwear and interior design, famously establishing the Red or Dead fashion label and collecting a couple of MBEs along the way for services to design.

The marriage of G Plan, a company with an archive of design classics, and Hemingway, lovers of all things truly vintage, was always going to be explosive.

The collaboration has resulted in G Plan Vintage, a stunning range of classic sofas and chairs inspired by G Plan’s designs of the 50s and 60s.

It’s a collection that embraces the quality and craftsmanship of G Plan, along with Hemingway’s fresh and vibrant approach to vintage projects.

The colours, the fabrics and the choices have a design pedigree that is truly inspirational.

G Plan Vintage is just hitting the stores now and the industry is confident that this great British collaboration is going to be a huge success.

· Simone runs The Interior Trading Co in Marmion Road, Southsea,