‘Our homes are our greatest assests’

Interior designer Kelly Hoppen.
Interior designer Kelly Hoppen.
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Kelly Hoppen, interior designer and one of the dragons on BBC Two’s Dragons’ Den, whose new book is Kelly Hoppen Design Masterclass: How To Achieve The Home Of Your Dreams, says the importance of the home cannot be underestimated.

‘The moment we cross our threshold, we should feel the cares slip from our shoulders and be able to enjoy being cocooned in comfort, safety and warmth,’ she says.

‘Our homes are, after all, our greatest asset, not just financially but also for our sense of wellbeing and happiness.’

She adds: ‘Write a wish list for your home. Don’t worry about colour palettes, fabric choices or furniture at this stage - rather describe the atmosphere, the style of decoration you like, the things that will make you most happy, and how you want others to feel when they walk through the door.’

‘This year there will be a bigger emphasis on modular and structured designs,’ she predicts. ‘Lighting will play an ever increasing role as its power is understood more.

‘Good lighting is like a layer of magic dust sprinkled over everything - it affects mood more than any other factor and is not a design ingredient you should ever skimp on.

‘I show people beautiful homes throughout the world whose interiors I have designed. The book provides the tools and insight for people to achieve their own version of a Kelly Hoppen interior, if they desire, but more than that, I hope they can design a home that is all about them.’