Pole plants give the garden a great look

A pole of flowers, here used at a wedding reception, looks very striking.
A pole of flowers, here used at a wedding reception, looks very striking.
Freshly-picked swedes

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I have a very tiny front garden in Fareham and would like to fill the forecourt with flowers. I can’t have window boxes, is there a way of making a real impact?’ GT, from Fareham, wrote.

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A really good way to achieve a riot of colour in a restricted place is to plant up a pole of flowers.

Buy a six foot-high fence post and a Metpost fixing. Bang the Metpost fixing

into the ground, knock the fence post into the top and make sure the post is upright.

Go to the recycling centre and ask one of the men if they can find you a 16-inch bicycle wheel.

On a wet day, take out the spokes and saw the wheel in half. Screw the two halves into the top of the post and put a 16-inch diameter hanging basket into the top.

Plant up the basket with training plants such as helichrysum, scaevola, nepeta, plectrathus or ivy-leafed geraniums at the base with trailing petunias in the middle with verbena, begonias and perhaps a fuchsia in the top.

A bracket is now fixed at the top of the pole with another on the opposite side. About a foot below, another pair of brackets are screwed into the pole and a 16-inch diameter basket is placed on to each bracket.

You are probably thinking this idea is very expensive, but if you would like impact this is a good idea, especially in a small area,

The flower pole can be introduced into a border which faces north, notoriously difficult because it lacks sunshine.

The pole is up in the air and even if the area is shady, the light will be available to the plants on the pole. Think about a pole of flowers – your garden could be really attractive because you have an unusual arrangement.

Another idea which may appeal to you is a strawberry planter. These are available at Keydell Nurseries in boxes. Inside the box there are all the bits needed to make the planter.

The sides of the container are made from brown long- lasting plastic and there are holes into which plastic half cups are inserted.

Normally strawberry plants are planted into the half cups. But instead of growing strawberries, insert your favourite coloured petunias; the trailing types are particularly spectacular.

Pinks, light blues and silver foliage look really tasteful. But if you prefer a hot blaze, go for reds, orange and yellows, using the flowers you love best.