Question time with Brian Kidd

Here's how you should spruce up your grapevine.
Here's how you should spruce up your grapevine.

Our horticultural hotshot delves into his inbox and postbag...

Q: We bought a house and there is a grape vine in the greenhouse. I would like to prune it as it has almost filled the greenhouse as it has been neglected. The previous owner tells me it has wonderful fruit. NF, North End.

A: Keep all the thick stems.

Prune off every side branch leaving a pair of buds on all of the side branches then tie it up to the roof by fixing wires 10 inches apart all through the roof of the greenhouse. I have sent you a diagram which may help you.

 Q: I can’t seem to grow swedes on my allotment and this is annoying because we all love cooked mashed swede. DT, Eastney.

A: Wait until the middle of May and then sow single seeds in insert cells to fit into a standard seed tray.
Plant them out six weeks later or as soon as the roots fill the cells.

This works every time. 

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