Question time with Brian Kidd

Brian knows how to get the best out of your azaleas.
Brian knows how to get the best out of your azaleas.
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Our horticultural hotshot delves into his inbox and postbag. 

Question: I would love to have an evergreen shrub without flowers as I suffer from a pollen allergy. I don’t want it to be difficult to grow and I don’t want to spend a fortune. VN, Cosham.

Answer: Look at all the shrubs called Euonymus. They will be in pots and there are lots of different ones with hardly any pollen. When flowers appear in your garden, spray water over them when they are in the shade to reduce pollen.

Question: To water potted azaleas, I use rain water as our tap water is chalky and turns my azalea yellow. Is there a way to turn tap water into acid water? CP, Farlington.

Answer: Yes, half fill a bucket with tap water and add peat right up to four inches below the rim. Leave for a week and pour off the water. It will be ideal for your azaleas. You could install a water butt because rain water has an acid reaction.