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Rhubarb - snails love it
Rhubarb - snails love it

GARDENING: Glorious gloxinias make wonderful house plants

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A friend tells me I should grow rhubarb in my flower border because rhubarb attracts snails, what do you think? JF, Cowplain

This is true. Snails love rhubarb. You will know where they are and you will be able to pick them up and take them a few miles away. Don’t throw them over the wall... they always return to the area they like best.

What weedkiller can I use on weeds in my lawn without killing the grass? FLP, Farlington

You will find Verdone Extra at your garden centre. Follow the instructions and it will do the job. Stubborn weeds can be sprayed again. A second spray is often needed when controlling buttercups and yarrow.

Last year we had lots of maggots in our apples. How can we prevent this? DJ, Drayton

Buy a codling moth trap and hang it in the tree. They’re stocked at Keydell Nurseries. Read the instructions.

We have a very pretty cytisus growing in a hot spot which it loves . The flowers have dropped off and we feel it needs to be pruned. Do you think we could take off about a foot and if so, when? J and LR, Rowlands Castle

This is the right time to prune and removing 12ins of growth is a good idea. It will ensure the shrub lives longer. Fork over the ground and apply 4oz of Vitax Q4 pelleted fertiliser around the outside of the shrub and water well afterwards, even if the ground is moist.