Rain meant I couldn’t recreate The Good Life

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Liz Bourne and her family have transformed their small Southsea back garden into a grow-your-own plot

Excited by the slightly more springlike weather, last weekend I set myself the task of getting some seeds planted. Sunday came and, full of anticipation, I eventually dragged my corpse out of bed, fixed the boiler so that I could have a shower, then hurried downstairs to the box of seeds that have been gathering dust for the past few months.

How fabulous it was to see that many of the seeds I possess could actually be planted from March onwards.

Courgettes, herbs, carrots, they were all eager to get out of their packets and into a seed tray.

‘Hurray’, I thought, ‘I can finally do something practical for the veggie plot.’

But my enthusiasm was shortlived.

In my keenness to get going, I failed to notice the persistent rain, drenching the garden and any chance of me recreating some idyllic scene from The Good Life.

I decided that I can’t possibly be such a fair weather gardener and strode out, broad bean seeds in my pocket, to fill the gaps left by ungerminated seeds in the rows created on Boxing Day. I was soaked.

Inside, I thought, at least I could grab some seed trays and plant some indoors, starting to fill the window sills for their annual seedling-fest.

But no, despite months of sitting around and twiddling my thumbs, I had failed to plan for this moment and had no seed compost to hand.

So I sat down and read the paper instead.

Next week? My first visit of the year to a garden centre.