Rosy reminder of a home’s former glory

Ceiling roses can have a simple design...
Ceiling roses can have a simple design...

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Millions of us live in period properties and enjoy their original features.

Fireplaces, stained glass, floorboards and sash windows not only make your home more aesthetically pleasing and architecturally interesting, they also add value when you come to sell.

But it wasn’t that long ago that people routinely ripped out original features.

If your home has been stripped in this way, you probably want to put some of them back. A quick and easy way to give a room more character is to fit a decorative ceiling rose.

There are many ceiling rose designs, so it’s important to get one that matches the period of your home and the style of the light fitting.

You also need to consider the proportions of the room – the bigger it is and the higher the ceiling, the larger the ceiling rose can be – and the style of the coving or cornicing already there, or that you plan to fit.

Plain coving obviously goes best with a plain ceiling rose, such as one with concentric circles, and elaborate designs suit each other.

The easiest type to fit is an expanded polystyrene rose because it will be extremely lightweight.

Polystyrene roses come in a fairly limited range of designs, though, so for more choice, you need to go for a heavier material.

Roses were traditionally made of plaster, and modern replicas of original designs are available, but they are heavy, so it pays to get a professional to put them up.