Send more water – now!

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More water please! Quite frankly, the odd little shower is just not cutting it.

Sadly, the water that was laid on by our Greens cafe neighbours can’t be used during the day as there is a water pressure problem here, so we are relying big style on our water butts. Grey clouds overhead insist on keeping their contents to themselves so we are up and down a very long garden with watering cans. It’s jolly good exercise if you fancy giving us a hand?

Many journeys to water our beans and corn and berries would be so much easier with a few more helpers. So as soon as Wimbledon is over why not come and give us a hand. You can always have a quick game on Greens’s new tennis courts while you’re down here.

Yes, we still need some watering cans if you can spare any for when that little team of garden fairies appears.

If you’re out and about this weekend why not pop along and help us doodle some daisies on our gazebo at the Daisy Chain Festival in Albert Road from 11.30am-3.30pm. You never know the sun might shine. Visit us as