Southsea garden ‘neatly laid to concrete’

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I recently moved to Southsea and coming from a house with a lawn I looked forward to escaping the tedious job of grass cutting.

However my new front garden was ‘neatly laid to concrete’.

It was then I realised just how much I missed ground colour.

So the builder has been in and the concrete removed, leaving me with a new path and a small space for planting and although not yet cultivated it already looks better, natural, soft and absorbing the rain water.

I’m no great gardener but Southsea Greenhouse has been supportive, even giving me a few plants to start the garden.

As winter approaches I’m planting ready for spring and looking forward to the colour bursting into life.

Portsmouth is a crowded city but it doesn’t have to be grey.

Grow something, wherever you have space, and give nature a chance to flourish in the city.

n For help and plant swaps you can call Southsea Greenhouse on 07530 913 211.

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