SOUTHSEA GREEN: Enjoy what the winter garden offers

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   The recent cold weather, followed by strong winds and rain have not made walking round the garden much fun. 

However, in quiet moments, it’s lovely to spare the time to stroll and enjoy what winter offers. I can see my camellia is now in full flower, showing little white buds against dark green foliage – very early, they don’t usually appear until mid-January.

Spikes of early bulbs are popping up all over the garden to remind me I planted them. I forgot until leaves were cleared away in spring.

The birds have to wait until 7am to be fed now – I’m feeding them twice a day and a little robin is always first and last to be fed.

Christmas is almost with us and I hope you receive bowls of narcissus and hyacinth to perfume your house, along with the smell of Christmas trees. Snow would be lovely for the children and to see on the branches of trees and shrubs. There's something quite magical about the garden at night when snow has fallen.

Merry Christmas.

•Pat is a patron of Southsea Green.